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Thank you for your interest and trust! We have been on the Polish market for the last 18 years!

Our company “Doradztwo Strategiczne Bielecki i Wspólnicy Sp. Jawna” (Strategic Consulting Bielecki and Partners – Registered Partnership) was established in 2002 as a business project of three managers who had held strategic positions in international corporations. We implement the previously gained knowledge and experience to support our clients in their business activities. Expertise and highest qualifications are our main assets.

All our consultants are practised specialists who have been professionally active for over 20 years. They used to or still hold strategic positions in international trade organizations and production companies. Throughout their professional life, not only have they taken many decisions, but also experienced and analysed their results. Now, equipped with this invaluable insight, they provide our clients with effective strategies aimed at solving problems.

 Our experience and previously gained knowledge are now at your service.